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  • BLOOD in the FIRE = MUD

    BLOOD in the FIRE = MUD

    An old song of mine just a mess around live performance of ‘MUD.’ Witness the thrilling fusion of Greek, Byzantine, and gypsy influences, amplified with a punk-ish edge. Prepare to be swept away by the sheer energy and raw talent in this electrifying showcase. Get ready to unleash the fire within! and remember FARTS are…

  • Picking My Nose

    Picking My Nose

    Get ready for a hilariously lighthearted and quirky music video like no other! “Picking My Nose” is a catchy, feel-good track from my album ‘The Study of Stuff Vol 1’. This song is not only an infectious earworm, but it also serves as a clever commentary and critic about mask wearing. Join us on this…

  • S.O.S RADIO – Episode 3

    S.O.S RADIO – Episode 3

    Home of the Art RebellionRe-engineering the social engineering. Deep in a bunker… on the edges of JibarTown… in the fringe of society… there’s a voice on the radio: “This is S.O.S. Radio, bringing you the download on the downlow of society.” Study of Stuff Radio is an old-school, blast from the past variety how, pulling…