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Hello….  My name is Mano Elia and I’m a self taught musician who likes to mix it up and always colors outside the lines. I believe there are no rules to the arts and what you can do creatively. I’m in love with the rhythm that is produced by the sound the heart makes as it keeps time to the beat of life… the sound of a people in motion. I love music from all around the world! My interest in world music comes from the common thread which is underlined in all folk music, be it Tuvan throat singing, Byzantine church liturgy, Flamenco and Reggae skanking (staccato), Greek blues (Rembetika), Gypsy jazz, Cuban Rumba, or straight up Folk Punk.

Re-engineering their Social Engineering

The Study Of Stuff is about the humbling journey back to truth. It seeks to revive the late art of conversation to discuss the topics of Social Engineering, Culture Creation, New Age Deception, Orthodox Christianity, Mind Control, Geo-Politics, and Philosophy. With interviews, conversation, and weird videos, come together to reveal the truth, and help us with…

Re-engineering their Social Engineering.

Who is Mano Elia?

Mano Elia is a performer who pays homage to his Hellenic roots as a travelling bard in the analog and digital world. Taking complex idea and thought, he condenses them into naturally flowing poetic rhymes. Born into Orthodoxy, and ventured into the new-age and occult spirituality, follow him on his humbling journey back to the Orthodox roots as he re-learns. Re-thinking and re-analyzing his lyrics, it is evident the seed of truth, the Logos Spermatika was always prevalent, even under the guises of hermetic philosophy.